Why I sticked to Black and White only and why should you probably too

When I got my first Nikon DSLR at the age of 12 I soon started to believe that my gear is limiting me and holding me back. I always lingered after the newest and best cameras and lenses. During the last years I stepped up my equipment game. I have to admit that my images became better and better because of better gear, but at one point I got stuck.




Due to the fact that equipment wise nothing was limiting meanymore, my creativity started to devastate. Most importantly I became indecisive when it came to Lens choices, image composition and personal editing style. 


But sometimes, the best thing you can do to grow as a photographer is to take the opposite approach and set some strict limits for yourself. By operating within the bounds of some simple constraints, you will often find yourself exploring new photographic possibilities that you had never realized were there before.


Now I allowed myself to use color again and although I have a ton of choices I feel that I exactly know how to treat my images.